A global company, which by its definition is a collective of many individuals, has by its sheer size the opportunity to affect the world, be it in a good or bad way. If you have the power to make such an impact, you also have an obligation to act in a responsible way.

You have to be aware of the impact of the decisions you make and be sure that the communities affected by them – be they environmental or people related –improve by the way you do business. At Weblink Makalu, we are taking a proactive approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through:

  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • Our people

When you have offices all around the world, the sheer size of your company can mean heavy use of resources such as electricity and paper. It also means long distances between colleagues and offices. In order to reduce traveling and waste of resources, smart technologies like online meeting tools and power saving utilities have been implemented throughout the company. Our IT infrastructure has been consolidated with suppliers that conform to high environmental demands and employees are encouraged to work from home by using collaborative computer tools.

Education is something that can make a real difference. As a large employer, we recognize the benefits that education can provide individuals, families and communities.Weblink Makalu is proud to be collaborating with schools and universities to provide them IT equipment, time and expertise from staff as well as scholarships and work experience not only to enhance students’ learning experiences, but also to make sure that they can make a material difference when graduating. Weblink Makalu’s operation in Kathmandu is a great example of how this approach can be implemented to great effect.

Our employees comprise the community closest to our business. In fact, employees are the company. We have created a diverse workforce, where equality is promoted and people like coming to work. Our philosophy is that happy employees will run a healthy and successful business. Given our 3rd consecutive placement as one of the top software company to Work in Nepal, we figure that we are on the right track.